Speech of Chairman
    Founded in December 1996, Jiangsu High Hope International Group is a provincial-level large foreign trade group combining the former Jiangsu Knitwear & Home-textiles Import & Export (Group) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Native Produce Import & Export Group Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Medicines & Health Products Import & Export (Group) Corporation. In 2010, Jiangsu Hign Hope International Group merged with Jiangsu Skyrun International Group and restructured.In 2013, the operating revenue of High Hope Group has exceeded RMB 48 billion and the import-export volume has exceeded USD 5.2 billion, High Hope Group ranked 233th among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, 83rd among the top 500 Chinese service enterprises and 35nd among the top 500 Chinese foreign trade enterprises.

    High Hope Group, adhering to the development principle of larger and stronger main business with appropriate diversification, has gradually developed three main business sectors in trade, real estate and investment. By actively forging the broad-trade structure and establishing extensive economic and trade relationships with over 200 countries and regions around the world, High Hope has implemented the “Going Global” strategy and participated in international economic cooperation via multiple channels. The group, leveraging the interactive and mutually beneficial foreign trade relationships, has effectively advanced the internationalization progress. On the other hand, the domestic trade has also realized rapid and strong developments. The real estate sector has emerged quickly with simultaneous and healthy progresses in villa, condominium and commercial property projects as well as increasing brand influences. By focusing on promising industries and enterprises with bright prospects and investing in the equities of security, banking, insurance and guaranty industries along with LED and environmental protection industries, we have reaped excellent returns on investments and laid solid foundation for the upgrading and transformation efforts of the Group.

    High Hope Group attaches great importance to brand development and has not only acquired ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications and the “Excellent Management System Certificate” issued by the International Certification Network and China Quality Certification Centre but also been awarded the titles of “National Class AAA Integrity Entity” and “Jiangsu Famous Service Enterprise” etc. A series of the Group’s own brands, such as “High Hope”, “Forecast Spring”, “Friendly”, “JSTEX” and “Gold Plum” etc, have been elected the national-level or provincial-level celebrated export brands.

    During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, the Group will centre on the promotion of scientific development approaches in forging first-class state-owned enterprises and enthusiastically implement the “Upgrading and Transformation, Innovation and Development” strategy. The Group will continue to develop the scale and strength of the trade business, actively develop our real estate business and focus on the cultivation of investment business such as non-bank financial business to set the stage for entering strategic emerging industries. We will strive to realize the objectives to build an international and diversified group with coordinated developments in trade, property and finance and make new and greater contribution to the “Taking Lead in Two Aspects” development of Jiangsu.